Monday, January 3, 2011 has launched!

On 1.1.11 something monumentous happened (at least for us anyways).... launched!  We are happier than we were when Joey Lapinkski asked us to the 8th grade dance, and believe me that was HUGE!  At we love having fun and making people smile, and we figure the best way to do that is to offer fresh and funky finds that you can buy for yourself, your little ones, the house, or for friends and family.
We ALWAYS offer FREE shipping on orders over $50 (I know almost too good to be true, right??)!  So, please be sure to head on over and check out all of our fun items!  AND if you decide to send out a mass text, email, facebook or twitter status telling everyone you know to come see us too...WELL, WE WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER (kind of like Joey Lapinkski *sigh).

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