Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh Jeggings How Do We Love Thee...

We ladies of have totally adopted and fell in love with the jeggings craze!!  No, no we aren't crazy or lazy enough to fall for the pajama jean craze, (we do consider ourselves somewhat fashionable and pajama jeans would totally ruin our "street cred")!! Jeggings combine the oh so loveable jean together with leggings, and you somehow end up with a match made in fashion heaven!!  You can find them priced anywhere from the teens all the way up to designer jean pricing.  We personally have fallen in love with several different brands and colors all priced in the 20 and 30 dollar range.  A couple of us here at house are pregnant and we have come to realize that it is our favorite go-to jean for all stages of pregnancy!

I personally am one who believes that teenage boys and myself do NOT, I repeat DO NOT look good in skinny jeans, so somehow jeggings just seem to work (still not for teenage skater boys, but for me)!  So don a pair and match with your favorite boots (uggs are my winter boot of choice), and take comfort in knowing you are comfortable yet savvy.  And when you find yourself in the mall confronted with a gang of those van wearing skater boys in their skinny jeans, just smile smuggly as they look at you and your jeggings in complete envy!

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