Friday, January 14, 2011

Product Envy: My Life Story Lifetime Diary

You know when some new found invention comes out and you sigh and think to yourself: "now why the hell didn't I think of that; I knew the world was in need of a vacuum robot".  Well, we think that same thing too, and we think it quite frequently.  We fervently believe if only we had been given a little time, a few weeks on the beach, and a cocktail on the hour every hour, that idea, that invention, that brilliant little piece of the pie would have been ours (please let us keep living in this little fantasy world).  So, maybe we aren't the brilliant minds behind these amazing products but lucky for us we do get to sell them!  We will feature different items from time to time and tell you why we believe the people behind them are absolutely GENIUS for creating them!

My Life Story Lifetime Diary

This is a 100 year diary to record all of the events of your lifetime!  Wouldn't this be an amazing gift for any mom to be, if you gave this at a shower you would definitely win the best gift award!  All of us around here have been saying we would have loved if our parents had started one of these for us, and then handed it over to us when we were in elementary school (then I could have sketched I LOVE SETH in my diary instead of writing it in red marker on my mom's heirloom white marble chest of drawers.... I was 6 and in love, who could blame me???)! 

The diary includes blank pages as well as pre-printed pages (about me, world map for places you have been and lived, 50 things to do before you die, awards and achievements, useful and useless skills you have learned through life, and many others).  This book is a MUST for everyone; no matter what age you are it's never too late to begin writing your life story!  Such a wonderful way to catalog your everyday as well as those monumental moments in life!  Just paperclip concert tickets, movie stubs and pictures to the pages as you go and enjoy filling out everything about your crazy fun-filled life!

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