Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tea Towel Tuesday Tutorial - Baby Bonnet

Becca from Barefeet on the Dashboard, may have won the giveaway, but everyone is a winner today. You have won a free tutorial on how to make an adorable baby bonnet!
Start by cutting Tea Towel to appropriate length. To get correct length, measure the child's head from front of forehead to back, right above the neck. If you can't measure the child's head, I've given some approximate measurements based on my child's head...now, she does come from big headed families, but these measurements should work just fine.  
Press the raw edge under ¼" and then another ½".

Stitch close to edge, this will make an opening to pull the ties through.  This will be the back of the bonnet.
Cut about 20" of ribbon and pull through opening. Using a safety pin is an easy way to get the ribbon through the opening.
Scrunch tea towel and tie ribbon to create the back of the bonnet.
Cut 2, 10" strips (may need to be longer depending on the size you are making, 10" is good for the 0 - 6m) It is always better to cut too long than too short! Then, stitch one to each side of the front of the bonnet. You may want to turn under the top of the ribbon before you stitch it down.
I like to use Fray Check on the ends of all ribbons. This will keep them from fraying.
Now, you've made an adorable baby bonnet!!! Give it as a gift at your next baby shower and it will be a huge hit...unless it's a shower for a boy....Also, if your little one outgrows their bonnet, it's perfect to then be passed down to their favorite baby doll!

Tune in next week for a matching dress on the next Tea Towel Tutorial.

P.S. Who is the precious model, you ask? I picked out "Big Baby" when I was 2 years old in Tijuana, Mexico at a Flea Market. My husband has since renamed her "Tia" and I sometimes find her with a knife in her hand...husbands, they think they're so funny. Don't mess with Big Baby, she was my first love. Now, my daughter loves to swaddle her and rock her in the rocking chair. It just melts my heart to see that...


  1. How simple but adorable my "big baby" will have one too!