Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To Brighten Your Day: Tip 2: Change Your Outlook

I once was given the best advice, and I think of it weekly if not daily.  I was told to picture the following scenarios:  Scenario 1:  You are happy, your day is going great and you don't have a care in the world, and you're walking and suddenly you notice someone you know across the street and you wave at them, but they don't wave back, what do you think?  Well, you would just think, oh they didn't see me, they were probably caught up in something, no big deal, I'll just catch up with them later etc.

Then comes Scenario #2:  You're walking down the street and you're not having a good day, you feel sad and generally things are just not going well, you see someone you know across the street but they don't wave back, what do you think now?  You may think: why didn't they wave at me, are they mad at me, did I do something to offend them, etc etc. 

Within the two scenarios it's all about you and your outlook and the way you perceive things to be.  You create your own reality and your outlook and approach to your life is the super secret key to your happiness.  So, in summation....CHEER UP BUTTERCUP, Blue skies are headed your way, nothing but sunshine is smiling at you!!

Today our lives were brightened when we read Ashley Ann's blog; Under the Sycamore.  Beautiful insight and beautiful photos depicting her life and how she likes to look at it with her 4 fun loving kids!  Be sure to read it, you'll be so glad you did!

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  1. So I happened over here after spending WAY TOO much time drooling over your entire store! Thanks for the sweet shout out!