Wednesday, February 16, 2011

TRAFFIC SCHMAFFIC...Cure Those Commuter Blues

This post is an ode to my morning commute!  One of which this morning felt like a cruel, cruel joke. THREE lanes closed on the highway, and all back/side and off-roads led to nowhere but more TRAFFIC! 
According to the US Census Bureau the average American spends 100 hours a year during their commute to and from work; this equates to 12 full working days.  Here are a few tips we hope will help you to get through the traffic blues and help change what was a waste of time into a good time:
1: GET SMARTER, SMARTY PANTS:  Learn a new language.  Audio language cd’s are perfect to use in the car and give you lots of time to hone in on your new language skills, and you can do it without a snickering audience to laugh at your novice attempts
2:  WHO SAYS BOOK WORMS HAVE TO READ:  Audio books count too; get some of your favorite books you have wanted to read and listen all the way to work.  Also, check out some of the classics that you always hear people talking about but that you never have gotten around to reading (Pride and Prejudice, Great Gatsby, etc).
3:  LIST MAKERS ALWAYS FINISH FIRST:  Put your phone or any other recording device you may have on record and make your To-Do lists for the week.  Your brain will thank you that it doesn’t have to keep track of all of that information anymore, and you will be relieved that you already thought through it all!
4:  RADIO; IT’S THERE FOR A REASON:  Don’t just stick to your programmed stations, change that bad boy up and push SEEK, you may find a new radio station, or new genre of music that you really like!  Also, check out NPR and feel very astute (see I got that word from NPR).  Want to impress your husband or significant other?  Check out a sports station and wow him later with your knowledge about current teams, players, and trades….he won’t know what to do with you other than love you even more!
5:  PRAY AND THOSE BLUES WILL GO AWAY:  Turn off your radio and take the time to reflect, meditate, and pray.  The silence you experience in the car may be your only quiet place for the entire day….embrace it!
No matter what you decide to do, just try to refrain from cursing, road-raging, and using any fingers other than all five to wave high, or the first two for the occasional throw-out of the peace sign!  Happy traveling! 
**Please comment if you have any tips of your own on how to make that work/traffic commute more enjoyable!

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  1. Whitney perfect tips to fill that time. I do need to take your great advice & throw out the peace sign more often instead of that other finger!
    Yesterday I saw two ladies who were reading a book, yes a book, while driving. Scary world out there. Happy traveling to you as well!

    Cheers ~ Deb