Friday, February 25, 2011

You can do it!

Today, I thought I would share a handy home improvement tip.  After all, having a home isn't just about keeping it pretty, you have to keep it clean and healthy too.

About every 6 months or so my shower drain gives up, and no amount of Drano or Liquid Plumr will get through to it. I have curly hair...LOTS of curly hair. My husband and I have made friends with the plumber because we've seen him so much over the years. Well, last week we needed him! The water from the shower was not going anywhere but UP. We called our trusty plumbing company and they said they could send someone out. But they couldn't send our buddy....we got a new guy. The new guy wanted to charge us more than double what we've been paying for the past 3 years. His reasoning was that prices just go up. Like the price of gas goes up, so does their pricing. OK, we get that, but double from 6 months ago? And he was using the same quote sheet with the SAME prices on it that our buddy used, we had a receipt or two filed away. So, we sent him away. My husband started researching and came across this handy dandy tool: RIDGID Power Spin Drain Gun
He said: "We're going to Home Depot, I got this. We can fix the shower for 40 bucks. I've seen what the plumber does and it's not that hard"...I was a little leery. My husband is a smart guy and good at alot of things, but not very experienced in the home improvement department. But I thought, why not? When we got back he went straight to work. I worked on other things so I wasn't watching him the whole time, but when he came out and said it was fixed, I had to go see for myself. Sure enough, it was! I was so happy and proud. He just saved us alot of money from here on out! And I was thinking of all the other home improving I would love to get started that he is a pro and all. I highly recommend this little gadget. There are a couple versions of this drain gun, we bought the one pictured, you can use it manually or attach your drill to it.

The point of my story is: if you have home improvement issues, don't call someone else: YOU CAN DO IT! 

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