Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brighten Your Day: Tip 3: Organize it!

Life can get pretty hectic, and somehow organization can get put on the back burner.  But how good does it feel when you do get a once unorganized space completely cleaned and organized?  I mean once that label maker comes out things you would have never dreamed of being labeled are labeled....the dog, the neighbor's cat, remote controls.  That label maker somehow brings out a whole other side in you.  Sometimes, you should embrace that side, and sometimes it's better to just walk away before anyone gets hurt!

Today we say to Brighten your Life you should ORGANIZE IT!  We have a few simple ideas if you are one of those people that cringe at the thought of getting down and dirty with your organization!

1:  Collapsible Laundry Basket:  One of our favorite items we carry in our shop!  This little number will make you smile and bring you joy a million times over!  Use it in the laundry room for clothes, or the kids room for an updated twist on a toy basket, or roll it on over to your craft room and pile it up with all sorts of books and supplies!

2.  All Out Of pad:  This is a MUST have for every kitchen!  The back has a magnet so just stick it up on your fridge and check the items as you run out of them!  Do you hate making grocery lists??  This takes the pain out of it.  It's already completely organized by section, all you do is mark an item when you need it.  There are plenty of blank spaces to fill in items that aren't already on the pre-printed list!

3.  Things to Do Around the House pad:  This pad is great for keeping track of all of the little chores that need to be handled around the house!  It has a What, Where, and Who section to help delineate what needs to be done, and who the lucky person is that gets to do it!  The back also has a magnet on it to hang up on the fridge!

EMBRACE the Type A personality within you (just don't embrace it too much....there are limits, and no one needs to label the label maker....seriously I have a friend that did's too late for her, but it's not too late for you)!


  1. I like the pads! (and I hang my head in shame, I, too, would label the label maker..given the chance.)

  2. HAHA, Charlotte....Tip 1: Buy the pads Tip 2: NEVER BUY A LABEL MAKER (you have to know your strengths and weaknesses, and label makers are your weakness)!!