Thursday, March 31, 2011

CHILDish is the best way to be!

You know when you find something and it just makes you so giddy that you have to order it right then and there, and you not only want it for yourself but also for everyone you know???  Well, that's how we felt when we saw what Sarah has to offer at CHILDish!!  Not only is it awesome, but you can even set up a fundraiser for your daycare, pre-school or elementary school.  How GENIUS is that??  You can raise money for your school selling something totally adorable and awesome and WAY better than wrapping paper, chocolate, or 10 pound tubs of cookie dough!!  Contact Sarah here for more details!

We all had to get some in our office and we ADORE them!  You can customize the color of the plate, as well as the background, skin tone, freckles/cheeks, eye color, hair style and color, and glasses or no glasses....the options truly help to make your little ones plate as customized as possible!!

This is such an awesome keepsake and you know the kiddos in your life will love having their very own plate to eat off of!  I think I'm going to give them for future birthday gifts to friends of mine; I know their little ones will love them!  Sarah is wonderful to work with, and we hardly had to wait at all from the time we ordered them until we received them!

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