Friday, March 18, 2011

Gotta get your ZZZ's

1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep more sheep!  It seems like when I was little I could count 1,000 sheep and still be wide-eyed and ready to count some more.  Now, I bet I wouldn't make it past 3!  Ohdeedoh just featured our Counting sheep night lights, to see the article click here!  These sheep are great to have in a kids room, or your own room.  They work as a faint night light and they are eco-friendly, no plugs! 

There are so many tips out there about going to sleep and staying asleep, and I'm sure you have heard them all!  However, one I heard recently that I had never heard before came from Dr. Oz, he suggests that if you are a side-sleeper (which according to him is the best sleep position to be), you should always sleep on your right side.  The left side constricts your heart due to the fact that the heart lies on the left side of your chest, and when you lay on this side it causes the heart to lean against the chest wall which could then be strenuous at times for the heart to beat.  He said especially take note of this if you have any heart issues or conditions.  I find things like this fascinating, and of course now that I have read it I SWEAR that I do feel more labored breathing wise when laying on my left side (this could be me being mental or could be due to the fact that I am hugely pregnant..haha)!  Either way, I am now a devotee of the right side!

If you have any crazy or unusual tips out there on getting good sleep, comment and let us know!  And grab some of our precious Counting sheep night lights while you are at it!

Happy Sleeping!

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