Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tea Towel Tuesday: Flour Sack Attack

Flour sack towels....ROCK!  We are big fans of the way they feel, look, clean, etc.  The Brits may have the tea towel, but watch out world because Americans can claim the good ol' sturdy flour sack towel to its repertoire!  The name may not be as fancy, but they are lint free just like their linen counterpart, and their history is just as interesting!  In the 1800's and 1950's flour came in large sacks and these sacks were then emptied, washed and cleaned and used for other purposes.  They were mainly sewn into towels, but other uses included; being used as cleaning and polishing cloths, clothes, diapers, toys, underwear, and even sheets and pillowcases!  In the 1920's flour sack manufacturers realized how popular their flour sacks were and started introducing various styles and colors into the marketplace.  Eventually, professional artists and designers were hired to produce the most desirable sacks possible.  They soon realized that the sacks with the best designs would influence what type of sugar, rice, cornmeal, and flour people would buy, because consumers were mainly choosing what brand to purchase based on which sack they liked the best.

In the 1960's manufacturers began using paper bags instead of the sacks because it was a cheaper alternative; thus ended the era of the original flour sack towels.  However, flour sacks still found a place in this world as towels, and are still used to this day.

Check out our Bait and Tackle towels!  They definitely get you in the mood for spring and summer, and make you think of going to the lake for a little bit of hiking, camping and fishing. 

Our Flour Sack towels are exact replicas of original ones that were used back in the day!  These towels are great to use all around the house, as well as they would make awesome gifts!

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