Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Well, hello there cute little fellas...

Does it get any cuter than this? This is only a small sampling of the amazing work by Sharon Montrose. Sharon is a photographer with a love for animals. This love definitely comes through in her work. You can purchase these and many others through her print shop. Check it out. There are some incredible images of some very unique animals. You may wonder, as I did, about where the animals come from. Here is a little info on them:

"The animals photographed for this series are real live animals, raised (and most rescued) by loving and dedicated animal keepers and handlers who care for them as their own and ensured their welfare while being photographed. Through this series, we help support organizations devoted to animal rescue, educational programs, and nurturing wildlife."

In case you need more cuteness, check out this video on You Tube made by Etsy.

While shopping on the print shop website, take a look at her "on the wall" gallery. Her photographs make beautiful statements in the home. 

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  1. I might need some of those for my nursery. Or maybe REALLY need them.