Monday, April 4, 2011

Family Dinners!

I don't know about you but I LOVE family dinners!  I loved them when I was little and I cherish them now with my own family.  It's such a great time to sit down without television or phones and just...TALK. 

I know that talking face-to-face is antiquated and out of date, but it really is good to try every once in a while, and it gives your thumbs a break from all that texting (if you have ever caught yourself saying "LOL" in an actual conversation instead of actually laughing then it might be too late for you).

I saw this post from Daily Thred and I wanted to share it.  They have great tips and ideas for family dinner nights, so be sure to check it out.  I love the idea of having crafts at the table (you could get large sheets of butcher paper and lay it out across the table).  I also think the conversation starter jar would be a lot of fun, and you could have everyone contribute different questions and pull a different one out each night and have everyone answer.  Daily Thred also suggested delegating certain nights for certain dinners, then you can always look forward to that night.  I would love one night to be pizza, games, and brownie night!  I think I'm instilling that IMMEDIATELY...FAMILY OF MINE you are officially on notice...mandatory pizza, game, and brownie night is in FULL EFFECT!

It is amazing to me how they say that something as simple as getting the whole family together for dinner can be huge in the way it impacts the family as a whole as well as each individual child's grades and athletic makes you realize how very important that togetherness time really is, and how much it is truly needed by each and every member of the family (even the pets, without family dinners they miss out on getting fed all of the yucky brussel sprouts & asparagus the kids feed them from under the table, unless you are like my dog when I was little and the food did not land in his mouth, and when my mom saw him strutting around with zucchini on his back it was NOT a pretty sight).

If you have any fun tips for what you do for your family dinners please comment and let us know!


  1. i don't know what my parents did but our entire family (7 siblings&our spouses PLUS half of us have children of our own) gets together EVERY Sunday for dinner. i should ask my mom what she did...
    here's to keeping families fun & tight-knit! cheers!

    ps - love your blog/shop & so on

  2. @Mary Christine, ONE: We love your blog!! Two: That is awesome that you all get together every Sunday, big family dinners are the very best!