Monday, April 11, 2011

Radio Flyer Wagons + Birthday party= The Best Combo Ever!

So, two of my favorite things came together in the cutest blog post we found on Amy Atlas' blog:  Radio Flyer Wagons, and unique and highly detailed oriented kids birthday bashes!  Check out the blog post here...

You will immediately fall in love, just like we did!

I have loved Radio Flyer wagons ever since I was little and pulled all of my belongings all around the house in mine.  One of the best presents my son has ever been given is his Radio Flyer All Terrain Cargo Wagon....just please don't ask me about the time I was pulling my nephew and him up a hill and the front tires and axle completely flew off (** note this was not a manufacturers default, just my poor installation job).  I MUST get my husband to tighten all lug nuts and screws for anything I put together in the future!!

I just adore this Radio Flyer party, it makes me want to throw a party for my little one right now!  I hope this party inspires you as well!


  1. @Hannah, so happy you love it too! @Nat we do too!! We sell them in red and blue, we completely sold out, but should get more this week! They are so fun to use for parties!!