Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tea Towel Tuesday: Royal Wedding Showdown

OK husbands, let's put this into perspective....the Royal Wedding is like if the Super Bowl only came around once every 30 years!  THIS IS HUGE!  People are taking the day off of work, sleepovers are being planned, count-downs have already started AND we don't even live in the UK! 

I think we should have brackets/spreadsheets drawn up like we do for the NCAA championships and football games; it would consist of what style gown will she be wearing: strapless, lace, halter; will Sophie Cranston actually be the designer that Kate chose?  What flowers will they be using, will she slip, will Prince William cry when she walks down the aisle, will Camilla smile, if she smiles will it be forced (the odds are high on this one), will someone's phone go off during the ceremony, if it does will they immediately be thrown out??  I think we totally need this....AND we need streaming live coverage in our office so we don't have to record 12 hours of coverage on our DVR's!

Alison, gave you the dish on Tea Towel Tuesday in February that the Royal Household had thankfully come to their senses and decided to keep in tradition and have an official Tea Towel for the Royal Wedding.  The official Royal Tea Towel has not yet been released, but by all accounts it sounds as if it isn't going to be very snazzy.  So far, all we have heard is that it will be white linen with Kate and William's initials intertwined with the Prince's coronet. 

Since this doesn't send our hearts racing, we found some other Kate and William towels that do make our hearts pitter pat...

This one is from Etsy seller TaylorsType, and we LOVE IT!

Royal INDEED, we adore this one from Ben Pentreath LTD. 

This might be a PERFECT example of why the Royal Household first decided to ban the Royal Wedding tea towel because tea towels were in poor taste!  We so happen to like their "cheeky" towel!  Find it here...

We think this one is sweet and simple!  Great little subtle details adorn this towel (2 little love birds, their initials carved on the tree, and the letters "I DO" are singled out), we think this one is precious!  It can be purchased at, Caroline McGrath.

We hope that you enjoy the upcoming nuptials in style and with a fabulous new tea towel to commemorate the big event! 

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