Thursday, June 23, 2011

Guest Blogger- A&C Photography

Well, hello House 8810 readers! We are absolutely thrilled to be guest bloggers while the gals are on maternity leave. We scratched our heads and stared at blank computer screens for a long time trying to think of what we could blog about for you guys. At first, we thought about some editing tools in photoshop, but then we decided that a lot of people don't have photoshop. Then we thought about different camera settings in different light, but then decided that a lot of people take photographs using the automatic settings on their camera instead of manual. So, then, we came up with the idea of backgrounds. Backgrounds are extremely crucial to a great photograph. Now don't get us wrong, the subjects of a photograph are by far the most important pieces to the puzzle. But, the background and setting are high on the list of importance to make an ordinary photograph an extraordinary photograph.

When we meet our clients for a session, we already have an idea of what type of photos they are looking for, be it lots of trees, tall grass, buildings etc. One of our favorite types of backgrounds are unique walls. You can usually find great walls on the oldest or the most hideous buildings. A lot of times you would never even think twice about the buildings, but we would be willing to bet after you read this post you will never look at buildings the same! Below are two photographs that we took in the Stockyards in Ft. Worth, Texas. The Stockyards have a lot of great walls for photos. This building has a blue wall with some wood on it and we just fell in love with it as soon as we saw it. It sounds so ordinary, but when you put your subjects in front of it, take that photograph and then edit to make the photo look the best that it possibly can, you get a photo that pops!

It's easy to find some incredible locations all over the metroplex, but our very favorite spots are those that we pass by daily; those that most never give a second glance. A run down structure, the side of a neighbor's house, the unique doors on a church, the side of a highway, and even a plain tin storage building are some examples of everyday places we have used in creating original photographs. The following picture was taken on the side of a barber shop. The painted purple brick turned out to be just the perfect touch to highlighting the subjects in this photo.

The peeling blue paint of the building in the next picture provides a remarkable texture that adds so much character and individuality. This office space, complete with the Texas flag painted loudly across the front, is now a popular spot by request.

Both of these places are located in high traffic areas and to be honest, they are both quite the eyesore at first glance. But, when you take a closer look, they are ideal for creating that special picture that will stand out among others. Take a look around next time you drive to the market, take your child to school, or run errands. You might be surprised what you might find. We guarantee you will find places that have desirable elements for creating your own original photograph. Be creative. Be inventive. We're confident you'll love the results!

Thank you girls so much for including us in the guest blog spots! Come visit us at A&C photography!
-Anna & Chelsea

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