Monday, July 18, 2011

Cause Breaking Up is Hard to Do.....

Breaking up is NO FUN for anyone.  However, sometimes it is a happy occasion for the people in your life, who may not say, "I told you so" but who are definitely thinking it!  Despite whether it was a good or bad match for you, you may need some time on the couch, in your comfiest of comfies, watching Bridget Jones and every season of Sex in the City, with a tub of ice cream, while bawling your eyes out and thinking that no one is ever going to love you again.  Pity parties are a necessity for every official break-up, but if they go on too long they can get down-right annoying.

If you happen to find yourself, or a friend of yours in a situation like this, you need to lighten the mood and help them get over those break up blues with our DIY Therapy Book, and our Emotionally Unstable Towel.  Let them get some much needed therapy on the cheap, and with some silly laughs, to make them realize that life does go on even if their significant other doesn't!


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