Friday, August 5, 2011

Back to School Time!

Need to brush up on your manners and reading skills? Take a look at these great books in the House 8810 shop.
This book is filled with great details and silly stories to engage children and show them that books can not only be your best friend but your key into worlds and travels unknown!

This book was originally published in 1943 as "Health Can Be Fun", it is a great little book for your little ones to teach them that drinking their milk, eating their veggies, brushing their teeth, and going to bed on time are all very important in making them and their bodies strong!

In this endearing children's book the essential theme throughout the book is that you have to be fair, honest, strong and wise. It's a sweet book that applies to little ones and big ones alike!

This book was Munro Leaf's follow up to "How to Behave and Why". It is filled with ways to make manners fun to learn while teaching the basics of thoughtfulness and etiquette.

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