Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tea Towel Tuesday

All this talk about tea towels makes me wonder: Where do you hang your tea towels? Do you hang them over a drawer in the kitchen? Or in the drawer pull? Do you hang them through the refrigerator handle? Do you hang them over the oven handle to be used as an easy access oven mitt? Do you only hang them in the kitchen or do you use them in the bathroom as a hand towel? Does anyone do anything creative with the way they hang their tea towels? Do you make a bunting? Do you frame them and admire them from afar because they are too cute to get dirty? Just wondering...


  1. I wish I had cute enough tea towels to just admire them! Instead I always hang them through the refrigerator handle.

  2. I hang my working ones on a towel bar on my island, by the sink. I hang my pretty ones on my 1945 double-oven stove. I use some in the bathroom off the kitchen b/c it's just so much easier than going upstairs to get a new towel.

  3. Thanks for sharing, ladies! We love feedback!!