Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Flowers Arrived in a BOX?? No Problem!

We hope everyone woke up today with a little more love in their hearts, a little more pep in their step, and a smile knowing they would get to spend this Valentine's with some of the sweeties in their life!  For those of you that will receive flowers, we thought we would share a few ideas with you for what we like to do with them! 

Now I know everyone is happy when they open the door and flowers have arrived, but then it quickly changes as you realize they are in a huge box, and then the thought sweeps over you, OH MY GOSH I did not attend flower arranging school, what am I supposed to do with these?  It usually results in you putting it in whatever vase was shipped along with the flowers, or one you could find in the back of your pantry, as you hurriedly pour the little packet of flower food in the vase and pray that all of the flowers will survive the 5 minutes they were without water.  We say FORGET THAT, why should one room get all the glory?  Spread the flower love to every room in your house!

Step 1:  Gather all of your bud vases, antique jars, and recycled soda jars together
Step 2:  Fill vases/jars up with lukewarm water
Step 3:  Cut flowers to the size of each vase/jar you are using, and make sure you cut your flowers at an angle; then place your flowers in the jars (yes, you can use the plant food, just sprinkle a little in each jar)
Step 4:  Spread the flowers in your fun vintage jars all throughout the house, so you can smile and think about your sweet Valentine no matter what room you are in!

If you are feeling a little extra sweet take a couple of those flowers you were given and tie them together with either bakers twine, string, or any ribbon you have on hand, and write a sweet little note and attach it to the flowers.  Then take it to one of your neighbors that you think may not be receiving any flowers of their own.  Your small gesture will mean the world to them!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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