Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ordinary Heroes....

So, picture this:  You have 4 kids; 3 boys and 1 girl (all age 6 and under).  You are raising money to bring home 2 more of your kids (Ethiopian siblings).  Soon, you will have 6 children and your family will grow to the size of 8, and the world will be a better place for it (your house on the other hand may be a little more chaotic and disastrous, but in an awesome way ).  This is the story of JILL FUNKHOUSER, and today I find myself forever inspired by her!  I received an email from Jill and I went to her blog, Camp Funk.  God works in mysterious ways because I was reading a blog recently and I saw this quote, "I have five kids, one of which is adopted; I don't remember which one".  When I read that quote I teared up, and told my husband how amazing I thought that was, and next thing you know I get an email from Jill! 

If you go to Camp Funk and click on the Ordinary Hero link on the right hand tab you will be able to view all of the items they have to offer and 40% will go toward the Funkhouser's fundraising!  OR if you are feeling generous and want 100% of your money to go to the "Funk's" then you can click the paypal link on their page, or just go directly there by clicking here.  Whatever you can donate we know it would be greatly appreciated by this sweet and giving family! 

Please follow their blog if you would like to follow them along their adoption journey.  We cannot wait to read the post one day that says they were able to actually bring their sweet little ones home!  Jill says this is something she has wanted to do her whole life, and she and her husband both feel that God has shown them that this is what they are meant to do.  We feel that their lives are going to be so full and happy because of it!

We are not affliated with the Funkhouser's in any way.  We were just touched by their story and wanted to celebrate these "Ordinary Heroes".  Life is full of them, and when you open your heart and celebrate them the world smiles, and your true heart shines brighter!  Here's to the Funk's and to all of the families out there that are opening their homes, their lives, and their everyday to beautiful children all over the world!  God bless them!

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