Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Being Eco-friendly can sometimes bring out the crazy in people.  One time I saw a family on Oprah that was so into conserving and saving that the husband would save all of the paper towels that were used in the men's restroom at his office.  He would take them from the trash at work, take them home, and re-use them.  His reasoning was that when they washed their hands in the bathroom they were clean, so there was nothing wrong with drying the paper towels out and re-using them.  NOW, here is a classic example of Eco-conscious gone to far!  Where he was coming from was a good place, so let's just take that thought, and meet somewhere in the middle.  We definitely all have ways to improve and do better in our day to day, but if you ever catch yourself drying out other peoples bathroom paper towels...YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR!  This is where small changes like hankies come in......

Hankies have regained their popularity in the last decade; however, mainly as a decoration and not for their original intent which to some people is ICKY!  They have been around for centuries and there are so many stories and history about them that is really quite fascinating.  We love hankies because they are great for so many purposes; you can dry your tears, dab a runny nose, use as decoration for a party, frame in a kids room, or sew them up into something spectacular!  I gave all of my bridesmaids a hanky at my wedding with our wedding date embroidered in the corner so that they could carry it in their dress pocket instead of carrying tissues (man...little did I know I was saving the world even at my own wedding...haha).

Just like we need to try and use towels a little more and paper towels a little less, the same could be said about using hankies more and Kleenex less.  My grandmother told me that she used to get dressed up for church and was sent with a little hanky in her pocket, I love that! 

You won't catch my grandfather without one, he has a hanky on him at all times!  Now, when I was little I do admit I thought it was gross, and I never wanted to sneeze in his presence for fear he would make me use his hanky.  I know now that he had a clean one on him at all times, so I really didn't have that much to be afraid of!  Be sure to check out our sweet and swanky hankies here....

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