Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tea Towel Tuesday

When you learn that 40% of U.S. landfill trash is paper products, this tea towel starts to make sense. Many people have joined the "paper towel-less" movement and I think it's a wonderful thing. We do use them in my home but rarely. We have a drawer full of towels and wash clothes that we grab to use at the dinner table or to clean up a spill. My mother told me once that when she was growing up they would all use the same towel at the dinner table and just pass it around. And it was a family of eight! We all get our own at my house, but what an easy way to reduce your waste. Some may say you still have to wash it but they take up so little space in the washing machine you just throw them in with a load you have to wash anyway, right?

I bet if every family stopped using paper towels or napkins even for a week, there would be a HUGE difference in the environmental impact that paper products pose on the environment. Try it! See if you can go just this week without using a paper towel or napkin. I bet you won't even miss those paper towels! Especially if you have a collection of fun and retro towels like the ones sold on House 8810 :)

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  1. your "cooking is not my forté" towel is by far my favourite!!