Monday, July 25, 2011

I don't know much, but I know I love it...

...and that may be all I need to know, since you can purchase so many beautiful needle work kits these days! (I also know you love the Aaron Neville reference)

I've always loved the look of needlework.  Needle point, embroidery, crewel, cross-stitch, I love them all. I'm just not very good at it! I've attempted it on some things I've made and pretended I knew what I was doing but I really have no idea. So, today, I present to you super awesome needle work kits and inspiration that I've found lately. Starting with the amazing Charley Harper, of course! Who wouldn't love a Charley Harper needlepoint? You can find these at Purl Soho.

Purl Soho also has this adorable Mushroom Crewel Embroidery Kit.

I found this lovely cross-stitch pattern on Etsy. This shop is A-dorable!

Peacock Feather. Cross Stitch PDF Pattern

Here's a precious Baby Treasures Bib Kit from House 8810. It comes with everything you need to embroider three bibs. It even comes with the gift cards! It's perfect for baby shower gifts!

And then there's Kimberly Scola from chez-sucre-chez with her beautiful handi-work. I LOVE her pieces with The Smith's lyrics. Does reading their lyrics give anyone else the same chills it gives me! Oh, how I love you Morrissey!

Image of "please please please..." smiths quote x-stitch art (various color options)

wait...did this post just go from Aaron Neville to The Smiths? I thought it was about needle work? Is there a joke in there? Aaron Neville and Morrissey walk into a craft I better go! I hope this post was at least a little inspiring. Now, I must go purchase a cross-stitch kit and turn my Ipod to "random". It's time to get crafty!

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