Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tea Towel Tuesday: Proper Skillet Care

Ever wonder about the proper way to season and clean a skillet? Well, it depends on who you ask. Some cast iron aficionados say you should never clean cast iron skillets at all, just wipe them out after each use. Others suggest washing with mild soap and water, and then re-seasoning.  A third approach is to scrub with a mild abrasive, like coarse salt, and a nonmetal brush or clean rag

To avoid smudges on all your kitchen towels, Real Simple suggests designating one towel to use exclusively for drying your cast-iron skillet. May we suggest the towel shown above from House 8810. I know you're thinking, "but it's too cute to get dirty"...think of it as adding character. You're skillet will thank you and so will your delicious dishes! 

Did you know cooking in a cast iron skillet also has health benefits? It's made from iron, so cooking in it causes the food to absorb the iron. If you have an iron deficiency you could benefit from this. However, if you have excess iron health issues, it is not recommended that you use iron skillets. 


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  1. soooo stinkin cute. mmm makes me want to go fry something!