Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Party Idea - Construction

Here at House 8810 we've put together some fun things that would make a great Construction Party for a little (or big) boys birthday. 

The Pizza Boss 3000 and the Table Saw are great for cutting the perfect slice. 
The white and yellow Carpenter's Folding rulers make great party favors at a great price!
Decorate with the Gray Paper Straws and drive into those cheese cubes with the Nail Party Picks.

 Give the little guy a boost on his big day with this booster seat. Because the best carpenter isn't in the Yellow Pages anyway, he's busy partying. 


  1. Too cute. I want to cut my birthday cake with a hand saw!

  2. so cool. im obsessed with all of your stuff. i think i HAVE to get a crocheted blanket for my little girl's room.