Thursday, July 28, 2011

To have and to BHLDN

The new beach collection on BHLDN is absolutely beautiful! Makes me wish I was on the beach soaking up the warm sun... not dodging the unbearable sun of the asphalt covered city. These pictures look so relaxing and breezy... 

When browsing through the images on this incredible site I started thinking about how alot of their products would translate into home decor, especially for beach homes. I mean, who says if you live on water you have to decorate with conch shell lamps, coral and fish netting? Why can't you make it relaxing and breezy, while keeping with the beachy theme? I just never understood why so many beach rentals insist on using the gaudiest things they can find. I think from now on I will print these pictures out and leave them behind at every vacation rental I stay in.


  1. How am I just now discovering you?!! I am IN LOVE.

  2. Awe,thanks Megan! How did you discover us? So glad you are enjoy the shop!